Corporate Chair Massage: 

  Onsite corporate chair massage is one way to show your employees that their company is concerned about their stress level and well being.  This service has gained popularity because the low cost and high rewards delivered in a 10 to 15 minute period during the workday.  During the typical workday it is not uncommon for fatigue, muscle soreness and headaches to develop after performing work related duties for any length of time.  A coffee break sometimes isn’t enough to relieve these issues to promote productivity.  Having the opportunity to have a licensed massage therapist address the problem areas of the neck, back, shoulders and arms have been shown in studies to improve employee morale and reduce absenteeism.

    "Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice" in 2012 reported a study showing that offering 15-minute chair massages to nurses during work hours significantly reduced their stress. When employees aren't hurting and aren't stressed, they're more able to focus on job-related tasks.

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  The practitioner provides the chair, protective face coverings and the skill to address the soft tissue issue that is impairing the employee from being able to work productively.  Chair massage is performed over clothing which fits well into a busy workday.  

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